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our baby is grown!

Happy Birthday Jungkook!! Our little Kookie is growing up! TnT I remember when you were just 17 (16?)when you joined BTS and you had your cute little shy smile! you were so quiet and innocent! but also filled with passion! you were and are always ready to give it your best! You and your chubby cheeks were always making your Hyung’s do anything for you and to help you along. But also you always make them smile and laugh and care for them the best way you know how!. Now, your 20! and your chubby cheeks have thinned out into a handsome jawline and your body had gotten bigger, taller, and leaner. But more importantly you have open your heart to us each day! whether it was releasing covers of songs or just a silly twitter post. I found myself getting to know Jungkook more and more. Even your Hyungs look at you with such delight because they’ve seen you grow into such a wonderful man! your gentle and kind, considerate and respectful! your funny and encouraging!. There so much to you Kookie, that we still have to learn about. But i know that even when you tease your Hyungs… that you also take the time to support, encourage and help them rise with you, even if you just do something little for them. It’s a big help to them!. Even if you’re younger than them you have a way of making them feel young and comfortable with who they are as people!. That is truly a gift! that not everyone has!. You say that you are shy and quiet, but to me even if you don’t speak or say exactly whats on your mind. Your still an inspiration for many people! your still speaking through your kind actions and your passions. So why you may be introverted or shy you still are able to reach many peoples hearts and inspire them! you don’t have to speak your mind to motivate people or your members sometimes silence is the best thing. Just being there for someone can really change their lives! So don’t feel you need to change any part of yourself, unless you want to.
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