Regardless of whether youre hoping to purchase a present for yourself (#selflove) or for somebody you revere who is fixated on food photography and food styling, Ive got you covered with my 2020/2021 present aide! Ive attempted to zero in mostly on more modest organizations, gifts that will upgrade any food photograph and instagram display, just as things that help imagination just as efficiency and business development. Its been a delight assembling this aide for all you food photographic artists and content makers, and I trust you observe something here that feels perfectly this season! FOR THOSE LOOKING TO GROW THEIR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY INDIA BUSINESS Assuming youve been watching my instagram stories or then again if youve paid attention to my digital recording youll know Im BIG on bearing, concentration and clearness. It's obvious, the thing is without a guide and sign posts en route, how in the world will you get to your objective, how might you have the option to arrive at your food photography business objectives and satisfy your food styling dreams? Its why Im OBSESSED with organizers, journals, and note pads. Ive attempted an entire scope of them throughout the long term and have a strong journalling and note taking daily schedule, which Ill dig further into one more day, yet for the time being, Id love to leave you with three diary/organizer/journal choices, all of which I know can assist with making an additional 2021 exceptional for whomever you gift them to! FOR THOSE EAGER TO FIND THEIR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE Know somebody who is as of now sharing their food photographs via web-based media, yet feels imaginatively adhered or unfit to characterize and distinguish their own exceptional style? Got a food blogger in your life who needs to transform their enthusiasm into a side hustle or everyday work? Then, at that point, my Creative Food Photography book may be exactly the thing they are pursuing. Inventive Food Photography is accessible through Books and so forth, The Book Depository, and our shop. FOR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY PROP LOVERS

How To Find Amazing Props for Your Food

That is the thing that occurred here. I was on an incredible food and wine visit in Cambria, CA that a companion of mine was giving (future post), and one of the spots we visited was an olive oil organization. I observed this lovely olive oil dish in their tasting room/shop. The dish is from Mary Judge Designs. When I saw this I just needed to have it. She has plunging dishes and tidbit plates all really adorable (this is certainly not a paid support, I actually like them a great deal). Youll notice an olive tree limb in the top and lower part of the shot. I really had one of the women at the store give me the branch from her presentation. I continued to drag everything over the Paso Robles district with bunches of provocation from my visit pals and the transport driver. BUILDING YOUR STORY My old buddy and Prop Stylist, Amy Paliwoda (we show classes together), says to utilize your props to make your story. So my story is about olive oil and olives as though were outside having some horderves. That is it. It's anything but a book. I love olive oil with bread. I truly could have just that for supper, awful, I know. The olive oil in the dish is from my companion George Menzelos. His organization is the Arriana Trading Company which imports their olive oil from Greece. I did an item photography shoot of his items half a month back. That is my story, and I ate the olive oil with bread just subsequent to shooting it. Extremely yummy. I previously had a thought of how I needed this shot to look. I really considered it when I saw the plunging dish. Utilizing Props for Food Photography | Food Photography India