Best practices for keeping your hotel’s online payments secure

Online payments are taking every industry by storm. Banking, Education, eCommerce, Healthcare, Food and Beverages, every sector is leveraging the benefits of online payments. The hospitality sector too is no different. In the hospitality industry, online payment solutions give a different level of convenience to the customers. It will make their experience seamless and as friction-less as possible and helps hotels to derive greater revenue from more bookings. The hotel industry online payment processing is gaining momentum globally. Countries that lead the way in this regard are Belgium, France, Canada, and the UK with 93%, 92%, 90% and 89% respectively. It can be noted that European countries are far ahead than Asian an American counterparts. However, Asian countries are catching up faster with South Korea and China shifting to cashless society. It is expected that several of these countries will be entirely cashless by the end of 2022. There is a substantial spike in contactless payments, mobile payments, peer-to-peer payments, etc. So, how can Hotels keep up with such global payment preferences shift to satisfy guests and drive revenue? And what are the best practices to ensure that online payments are secure and fraudulent activities are kept at bay? Let’s discuss in detail- Hotel Payment-related Challenges Best Practices for keeping your hotel’s online payments secure