by lumiyou on June 07, 2021 Plant growth lights can be used for indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production, including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants, and can also be used in homes. It is an artificial light source, usually an electric light source, designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Plant lights are generally used in applications that do not have natural light or require supplementary light. For example: in winter, when the possible daylight time may not be enough to achieve the desired plant growth, lights are used to extend the time the plants receive light. If plants don't get enough light, they will stop growing. Best LED Grow Light can provide a spectrum similar to the sun, or provide a spectrum more suitable for the needs of the cultivated plants; it can simulate outdoor conditions with different colors, temperatures and spectral output required for plant growth, and change the lumen output (intensity) of the lamp ; At the same time according to the type of plant cultivated, the cultivation stage (such as germination, vegetative period, flowering period, fruiting period) and the photoperiod required by the plant, the specific range of the spectrum, the luminous efficiency and the color temperature are all desirable. 1. FLUORESCENT (CFL) fluorescent growth lamp CFL stands for "compact fluorescent lamp". You can buy these lights in many places, including household goods stores and even most grocery stores. They are particularly suitable for small-scale growth and the manufacture of affordable starting lights. Advantages: Their availability and low cost are one of the advantages of CFL grow lights. These bulbs have standard sockets, so you can use them with any standard light fixture. The commonly used CFL used to grow cannabis ranges from 40W to higher. They have various color temperatures, such as "sunlight" at 6500K or "warm white" at 2700K, with a redder spectrum. The bulbs with the "daylight" spectrum are more suitable for the vegetative growth stage, while the "warm" CFL with more reddish light is more suitable for the flowering of plants.


by lumiyou on July 19, 2021 Professional adaptation, taking into account the spectrum of cannabis in the early growth period and flowering period; whether it is 430nm blue light and 660nm red light, it can provide high-quality spectra with an energy amplitude of more than 1.0; 430nm blue light spectrum not only makes the seedlings in the seedling stage very fast Growth, it can also make the rod diameter grow thicker and the leaves larger, and can provide sufficient nutrients for the flowering period; the high-energy 660nm red light spectrum has stronger penetrating power, which can promote the nutrient delivery in the rod diameter and leaves more fully, It can also promote the blooming of flowers and the more effective ingredients that can be transformed into fruits; Use OSRAM red light beads and Samsung white light beads; Osram 3030 red light beads are recognized in the plant lighting industry with the best red light penetration and uniformity, and the light decay has reached LM80 requirements; The Samsung white light 301B lamp beads have the most significant effect on the growth of plants; The measured value of the energy efficiency of the whole lamp reaches 2.6umol/J; it fully simulates the sunlight at 10 o'clock in the morning, which can give the best light to the plants and effectively shorten the growth cycle; Unique lamp design, at a height of 6 inches, not only can provide effective light and promote plant growth; but also will not cause plant radiation damage like HPS; The 54V LED lamp board voltage design can make the whole lamp efficiency reach 95%; the conversion efficiency is high, and the electric energy utilization rate is high;


by lumiyou on July 27, 2021 Over the years, indoor farmers have always looked for ideal lighting systems for crop cultivation. While this has not been as easy as it seems to get the perfect lighting systems, advancement in technology sandwiched with the contributions of YOULUMI means farmers now have the key towards a bountiful harvest in some of the best LED Grow Lights in the game. LED Grow Light: Farmers Choice The inception of this new and advanced medium (LED Grow Lights) through which crops are cultivated has revolutionized farming and agriculture for the best. Because many bulbs have assisted in indoor crop cultivation, not has done a better job than LED Grow Light. In terms of better yields,  environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and adequate hitting level. Unlike the traditional bulbs, which had devastating effects on plants (excessive heat, energy), many farmers were frustrated. Because of these shortcomings, they all resulted in obtaining costly ventilation systems. Furthermore, those who could not afford such systems were compelled to rely solely on natural light to dictate the growth of their plants. LED Grow Lights: Th Future