Death Parade Ep. 1-2 Review

Last night I watched episode 1 of Death Parade and this morning I watched episode 2 right before class. Thanks to @poojas ! I'm hooked! Wikipedia summary: Whenever two people on Earth die at the same time, they are sent to one of many mysterious bars run by bartenders serving as arbiters. There, they must participate in Death Games with their lives on the line, the results of which reveal what secrets led them to their situation and what fate will be afterwards, with the arbiters judging if their souls will be sent for reincarnation or banished into the void. The series follows Decim, the lone bartender of the Quindecim bar, whose role in judging these souls changes when he meets a curious black-haired woman. (Wikipedia) Definition arbiter: n. a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter I don't want to give spoilers and the anime is pretty self-explanatory. So let me just tell you about the overall feel of the anime. The first episode left me a bit confused but lucky for me the second was like a recap of the first, which helps you understand the series. There was sort of an explanation of everything going on. There were only 3 characters in the first episode and it was quick but the animators did a good job developing the characters in one episode. The main character Decim is still of a mystery to me but I'm sure he will be very well developed soon.

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