Is The iPhone XR Waterproof? | The Most Common Questions People Have About It

Waterproofness has become an everlasting question whenever Apple issues a brand new iPhone and iPhone XR isn’t an exception. For those who want to purchase a brand new XR model, it’s a fundamental question that requires clarity. iPhone die-hard fans ht First of all, iPhone XR comes with IP67 certification that refers to the water-resistant feature. At this point, we’re dealing with two different terms: “waterproof” and “water-resistant” which are actually different but usually misunderstood as the two same technical specifications. Before we go further to conclude whether is the iphone xr waterproof in this section, we should acknowledge the technical description between the two terms. Real Waterproof Specification When it comes to electronic gadgets, manufacturers would claim their products waterproof referring to the actual technical specification. Waterproofness is technically described as the imperviousness of an object towards or against the water with specific depth but no time limit when submerged. In other words, you’d find your gadget just fine even if you go diving with it. Water-resistant, on the other hand, refers to a capability to resist water exposure/damage to certain points, depending on the certification. iPhone XR comes with IP67 certification, therefore, it’s not technically waterproof but water-resistant. You can’t bring an iPhone XR diving with you.

What Is The Price of McLaren P1?

McLaren P1 could have been the manufacturer’s most iconic hybrid sport hypercar. Embracing an ultimate hybrid tech, P1 had a great acceptance that’s sustained until this very year even though the model was discontinued in 2015. Despite its monstrous performance, P1 also comes with robust condiments that all hypercar die-hard fans can’t resist. P1 was brilliantly designed to generate a pure driving experience where the hybrid-powered vehicle torched with turbocharging. Again, McLaren has successfully brought the circuit-race experience into road driving, again. Many people weren’t able to turn out the sight from McLaren F1 until the P1 came into the table. When it’s first launched, fans wondered. A hybrid hypercar? Like for real? The year 2020, with the massive growth of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, invites us to look back at the P1’s supremacy as the milestone. Before we go to the price for mclaren p1 nominal, let us say this: McLaren is undoubtedly fairly priced, if not underpriced. This proposition comes from a reasonable elaboration on factors that constitute the actual cost of the vehicle. The ultimately controlled aerodynamics and the 2nd gen active suspension are only glimpses that make this hypercar highly-priced but not certainly expensive. We’re Almost There What does the Mclaren P1 offer for the rider? It’s undoubtedly McLaren’s masterpiece that comes with breathtaking tech specs. McLaren P1 was a first-time experience for hypercar enthusiasts and we should know why.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: What Can You Predict?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is going to be a hit in 2020. This smartphone takes Samsung to a whole new level. The design is elegant and the performance is captivating. Well, iPhone was a hit when it came with iPhone X and then 11 Pro. And now, Samsung comes to surprise the market again after its flipped smartphone. This Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G delivers such amazing performance that will support your needs. Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra hardware and specifications. This is an important part to do because you can understand how Samsung is always a good option for price and technology. The Ultra name is something new too, so there must be nice surprises on this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for sure. Hardware Before we have a look at Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra specifications, we should have a look at this phone's hardware quality. Samsung always produced gadgets with high-quality hardware which makes it durable and worth every penny that you spent on it. The look itself will be similar to the recent Galaxy S type. You will see the curved glass on the back of the phone. It will also come with the metal rail that protects the edge. A tiny hole punch will be the only thing around the screen for the selfie photo as it has a bezel-less screen. Besides the luxe look, the hardware comes with high quality. The site itself is quite more handy than iPhone 11 Pro. Samsung also produced a pink color for this series which is always good news for ladies out there.