Hand Accessories to Obsess Over This Monsoon

Hand accessories are a very niche compartment of accesories and to talk about it separately is quite fun and interesting. Monsoon is going to hit soon and before the sweater weather hits everyone hiding those beautiful arms inside heavy and long layers of hefty sweaters, it is better to take a look at all the different ways you could accessorize and make upscale your fashion choices. The thing is that when it comes to accessories for your arms/wrists/hands it is relatively easier to find them and experiment with them but at the same time you have to be very careful about what you are doing because a mismatch there ruins the entire outfit. Bracelets : Bracelets are a very elegant choice and could go with a diverse range of looks. For example, if you’re pairing a fancy white formal sleeveless dress then you can pair a long silver bracelet to go along with it. If you’re looking to go for a rather simple design then maybe try a boho dress with a plain bracelet that has something cute attached to it. Also, if you’re feeling a little too experimental then maybe go for a charm bracelet but do make sure that your outfit does not make it look incongruent. Watches : Watches are a classic option for almost every event. All you have to do is choose the one that looks the most elegant on your wrist and go ahead with that option. In fact if you wish to spend some good money on watches then you will have a lot of options lining up for you. You can explore several brands and settle on the one that caters best to your needs. Fistbands/ Fitbits : fitbits/smartwatches have become the trend with the growing fitness mania .they go well with your everyday casual attire and also are quite purposeful.with many smartwatches that have features to assess your health and even access your phones these sleek and modern watches are a must have. They make up for amazing accessories when you’re working on any kind of physical activity that directly deals with sports or fitness. Rings : Choosings the best rings for a simple brunch outfit or a nice dinner can be quite easy. They don’t have to be too loud but simple designs can give you great results. Rings have been associated with hipsters and their lifestyles like most accessories, so if you’re looking for something along those lines maybe try something more quirky. Now choosing what suits the event and the outfit the best could be quite challenging so you have to be very careful when it comes to jewelry and watches. Keep with yourself the best collection that suits you the best. Buy amazing pieces at great deals online on Shopify or Shopify alternatives like TrueGether. Just try finding exactly what you have in mind and with a wide range of products available online, everything is only a click away.

Learning To Ride a Bicycle : A beginner's guide

I didn't know how to ride a bicycle until I was twenty years old. In Delhi, there isn't much open space to be riding a bike in the first place. However, I've always wanted to learn how to ride one so when I got home, I tried. Learning to ride a bicycle is a self explanatory skill but some tips helped me sail through it and get better at it. Here's a few tips to keep you in check if you're learning to ride a bicycle : Ask a Friend For Help : You don't have to do this alone. It's always better to have someone who knows how to ride a bike to help you. If you don't have someone who knows how to ride a bicycle then just keep someone around to help you when you fall. This is going to happen a lot initially so you will have to be very careful about it. I once crashed the bicycle while riding and had to take the bicycle to an automobile shop for some basic repairs. Try Bicycling In Open Spaces : It is always safer to choose open spaces with less people while you're still learning. Don't make the mistake of choosing to ride on a busy street when you're still in the initial phases of learning how to ride. This isn't very safe for anyone, neither you nor the crowd outside. Always Wear a Helmet : Do not take this lightly. If you're not going to wear a helmet while bicycling, you may as well not ride at all in the first place. It is highly irresponsible to neglect the use of a helmet while riding a bike. You are more perceptible to falling, especially in the initial stages of learning. However, even once you've finally learnt how to ride a bike, it's suggested that you should wear a helmet outside. Always wear a helmet while riding a bike to protect yourself from potential injuries. Practice is the Key : This is the simplest and the easiest thing to remember. You won't master it until you practice it well enough. Learning to ride a bike is no rocket science but you must give it your best effort. Once you finally learn how to ride one, you will feel satisfied with all your efforts. Learning a skill always comes with working hard enough to actually master it. It wouldn't take a lot of your time, all you have to do is maintain consistency. I was so happy the day I finally learnt how to ride the bicycle that I rode it till the evening. However, I knew I had to return my bike back because I had rented it. After that day, I was enthusiastic about getting my own bicycle so I went online and looked for one on sites like eBay. I found someone's old bicycle and bought it. I don't ride it that often these days but it's a great way to get some exercise done and get some fresh air at the same time.

Outfit Ideas For First Date

When it comes to deciding about your outfits for your first date, it's never easy. Several thoughts whirl around us about this first impression. We don't want to look like we've put a lot of effort into it and neither do we wish to look like someone who doesn't care at all. The right trick here is achieving a balance between them both. How does one do that ? There is no clear formula to it. However, if you're in a fix about choosing something, here are some things to consider before getting dressed : Comfort is Primary : When it comes to picking up an outfit for your first date, go with something comfortable. You don't want to be fixing your outfit all the time. Your level of comfort on the date will help you carry out conversations without any unnecessary distractions. This does not mean, I'm asking you to show up in sweatpants ( one can think about this though). Put on something that makes you feel good. Keep It Simple : This is more of an idea that anyone can cancel if they wish to. If you want to go overboard on your first date, no one is stopping you. However, keeping it simple makes a few statements on its own. Your clothing, shoes and accessories will in a very limited sense convey what you're expecting from the date or your taste in general. Experiment With Accessories : If you're feeling a little fuzzy on your first date maybe experiment with something. This is purely a choice and a lot of people would like to play safe. However, if you've been meaning to try out some cool printed sneakers but haven't occasion yet, do it! If you're meaning to buy something for a long time just do it and take your date as a reason. Go online on eBay or eBay alternatives and buy something for yourself. Try it out on your first date, it might make a good story sometime later. Carry It With Confidence : This is the most important thing. No matter what you choose to wear at the end of the day, just be confident in your skin. If you've chosen to wear something experimental then just remember that even if you think it's not really your style, you chose it for a reason. You're going to look your best when you feel confident in your skin. While some of it does come from your outfit, the rest is just about how you choose to carry yourself. When it comes to your first date, it could be a lot of pressure. Especially, when it's with someone special. However, the best thing to do would be to go with your gut. Don't overthink it, your outfit will only be a shell and what really matters is what's inside it. The point being, spend some time on what you're wearing and choose something that you're satisfied with. However, always remember that there's more to a person than just their clothes.

How To Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe ?

Have you been thinking about changing your dressing style ? Are you one of those people who wish to bring a little more panache into their clothing sense but don't know where to start ? We have come up with the staple for your summer wardrobe and it's gonna help you figure out what is going to be chic this season and everything you thing you need to chuck out of your wardrobe. Summers are a great time for a shuffle of your wardrobe because you have plentiful options to choose from and like or dislike. While, there is this system that always makes us follow and wear what is suitable on the basis of our height, weight and skin colour, we must understand that all of these are superficial standards and the only thing that matters is your confidence and comfort. Here we have five beautiful summer staples that every woman must own this season. These clothes, shoes and accessories are available anywhere online or on sites like eBay. SUNDRESSES : Sundresses are a staple for this season and you cannot afford to avoid them. They're good for a brunch or an evening walk and a beautiful lunch date. Try some peachy make up with these floral sundresses and have your fun with them this season. One of the best ones to choose from would be halter neck sundresses or ones with a sweetheart neckline. They look very pretty accentuating your looks the right way. JUMPSUITS : Let's all just agree that there is no time to flaunt your jumpsuit better than spring and summer. When else are you going to wear them, on Christmas ? If you're feeling your vibe in a jumpsuit make sure you choose one with a light cotton fabric and if there is any comfort in heaven, it is inside that outfit in a summer afternoon. They make a good outfit for a picnic or a causal day out. You will look pretty and cool at the same time. Try going for brighter colours and comfortable fabrics when it comes to jumpsuits. BUCKET HAT : Bucket hat has been a fad this season. You will watch everyone trying on a bucket hat. They're great for summers and also make you look very cute. If you're going for a bucket hat, then try to wear something breezy for your overalls. Go with a short skirt or shorts, anything that you find would match the ensemble and give it an edge. MIDI-SKIRTS : Are you envying the looks of the beautiful french woman on your Instagram feed. Getting midi skirts for yourself might come as a fulfilling solace because this is a french wardrobe staple. Midi-Skirts are graceful and stern at the same time, you can be professional and casual. You can pair them with some low heels and a nice polka dot top wear. There is nothing more graceful than this look in a summer evening, against a beautiful sunset. Obviously, these are just some simple tips and tricks to give you some wardrobe idea this summer. There is at the end a whole range of things you can explore but here is a handpicked list of summer essentials. Make sure that whatever you wear, you are comfortable with it. Nobody else's opinion matters here but yours. At the end, don't forget to have some fun experimenting with the listed items this summer season.

Why are Gift Cards and Coupons a blessing in disguise ?

You ever think about getting someone a present but don't know what exactly you should buy for them, well then maybe you should consider getting them a gift card. This isn't exactly how it sounds, and while it may not be as romantic, it's clearly a better way to shop for people whom you love but whose taste you're not very sure of. I'm especially bad when it comes to getting gifts for my loved ones. It's not because I don't know them well or anything, I'm just not the best at picking presents. This one time I got my sister an alarm clock for her birthday present and she absolutely hated it. Here's four reasons why gift cards are a great substitute to presents : If you're in a fix about what to pick : If you don't know what the other person likes a lot or what exactly they would appreciate, gift cards are a great way to let people figure out what they want for themselves. No, it doesn't mean you don't care enough for them to know what they love. It only means you are allowing them the freedom to choose something great for themselves. If your loved one is too picky : Let's all face it we all have that one person in our life who will never like anything we get them and will always want to exchange it for something of their choice. They're still our friends and we want them to be happy with our gifts. In this circumstance, having a gift card or a coupon comes in extremely handy. You don't have to worry about your sentiments getting hurt and they don't have to hurt you by returning your gift. It can be used online or at real on site stores : Gift coupons are something that can be redeemed anywhere. You just have to choose them wisely. The best way to buy them is go online on eBay or any other alternative to eBay and get one from there. Later, you can gift it to the person and tell them in what all places they can use them. These can be detailed with the amount, company and source from where you get them a gift card and you're all set to go. It will save time and still convey that you care : Imagine it's Christmas and you've exhausted all the energy in decorating and preparing the food. What do you need right now ? Some moments of happiness with your loved ones and some amazing wine. But guess what, you forgot to buy them any presents. What do you do now ? It's exactly now that gift cards and coupons will help you out now. You don't have time to pick up a present or think about what you wish to get for them ? Just give them a gift card and it will convey the message for you. Sometimes, a gift card is the best gift ever.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Antiques

Have you ever considered investing in antiques ? Do you love to save a little something from hundreds of years ago only because you want to keep it ? Collecting antiques can serve several purposes that range from a hobby, obsession, an investment in a family culture amongst others. This is especially for those people who love exploring places, cultures and things associated with those places and cultures. Here I present to you a listicle of reasons concerning why investing in antiques could be a start of something beautiful in your collectibles : They're an Asset To Hold : Antiques hold a lot of value in the market always. They're one of the best assets to hold and that's why they are passed on from one generation to another. However, it must be understood that this passing on is never meant for sale. It is mostly done as a grand gesture. However, because they hold so much value, they become very powerful assets especially for those who may be having a tough time. They're a Status Symbol: Antiques are a status symbol for those who understand their values. They're often passed on in families and hold a lot of sentimentality and are a symbol of power and wealth. When I say antiques here they could be a range of things from a small famous old painting to a little dinosaur model at a paleontologist's desk. These are not away ot locked somewhere safe but rather meant for show especially at the centre of whichever place they're in, to catch the eyes of those who are visiting the place. For the Love of Art and History : When I say this, I don't want you to be a graduate in Art History. If you've loved tracing time back and wondering what and how things were in the past, then you're already serving a purpose. If you enjoy looking at things which have survived the test of time and made it to a gallery, you're already there. The love for art and history is developed, it might be an acquired taste but it's not just that. It's a way of life for several people. Preservation of Culture : When we think about antiques there is obviously the idea of a status symbol which makes it exclusively for the elites. However, including in this category the antiques from endangered cultures or cultures that have been systematically discriminated against helps curate a sense of cultural diversity while serving the need for cultural preservation of those cultures that have suffered the brunt of being at the borderline.

Things To Consider Before Diving Into a Start-Up

Have you been wanting to begin a start-up by yourself but have been hesitating because of all the risks ? Well there are multiple reasons why people take up a start-up and there is a step by step procedure towards establishing your brand name. While, at first it might seem very distressing but slowly and smoothly it becomes an easy journey. All you require in the beginning is a dollop of hard work, a dash of creativity and a pinch of luck to get you started. Here's a small list of things you might wish to consider before diving into a start-up plan all by yourself : Think Out of The Box : The thing about start-ups is that there are plenty of them. In this business what really matters is how you stand out. Do you have a personal story behind all your work ? Do you connect with something differently? Do you wish to change something through this project? Look for the answers to these questions. Materialize Your Idea : Always remember that whatever plan you have in your head needs to be materialized in real life. Materializing your plan does not mean having everything in place at once. It means you're testing the water first before plunging inside. It will help you have a better idea of how your work would really look like. This could mean a trial run or a model assessment. Choose a Target Audience : This goes without saying that one of the basics of entering a market is establishing who exactly are you building something for. However, this is something that one needs to cover even before entering the market. While you're still working on your project, try to identify who exactly is this for? Once you've established that, you can streamline your efforts into catering to that pick of audience. This would also make the project more customised and easy to handle. Build an Image and a Brand : Your start-up needs to survive a market which is full of similar fishes like you. You need to establish yourself with PR and in the line of command. Image and brand building is very important and one of the fundamentals of beginning anything. This doesn't mean an elaborate campaign outdoors. It could mean something as simple as a business Instagram account. There is no way of knowing when you will be ready for this but if you have a strong feeling about it, just go by your instincts. Trusting your gut makes it easier for you to own your decisions. However, make sure that you have researched well into things before doing that. If you're looking for more ways to develop your business/commercial brand, you can head to Shopify or sites like Shopify where you will find a diverse range of products to assist you in the journey. For whatever you choose, remember that this will not be easy. Starting anything means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a step forward. Just remember to not let fear have the better of you. Courage and faith are the torch bearers through this journey of yours, stick to them.

How to Accessorize Better : A-Four-Step-Tutorial

Having a good dressing sense isn't only about the clothes that you wear. It transcends the field and objectively views how you mix and match your clothes along with the accessories that you own. Now, several people do consider that accessories are only add ons to your overall outfits. This, however, is not true. While the necessity of accessories are arguable, they must not be dismissed as mere appendages to clothing either. Accesories can shape your outfit, give it colour and make for a statement beyond just clothes. Below I'm listing some perfect accessories that are all good for casual, party or formal purposes. Here's a list of accessories you can use to enhance your style and make a statement : Watches : No watches are not as Victorian and formal as they might have been in the 18th and 19th century. While a watch makes for a status symbols in professional world, where the brand of your watch is a peek into your status and position. However, if you're a fitness enthusiast, movement tracking watches are an indispensable part of your regular routine. In short, watches make for great accessories that carry several contextual connotations. Get one and see the difference that it makes. Earrings : This is an essential for so many people that it doesn't even require a mention. However, people who are still scared of getting a piercing in your ears, please try it once. When it comes to earrings, you need to be careful about the colour, design and size of your earring in proportion with your hair, face and in context of your outfit. For example, big traditional oxidized earrings look very pretty with traditional and boho clothes. Headbands : Did you get a terrible haircut? Are you regretting getting a pixie? No! throw away that hat of yours! It's time to get experimental and frisky. Headbands are a great way to get out of weird hair situations. In the famous words of Bob Dylan "don't think twice, it's alright". Also, to add onto the good things on headbands, they have been trending a lot this year. In case you're looking for something along the lines of a headband, you can always opt for a scarf. You can fold it around your hair and have fun with it. This looks especially chic on summer days. Necklace or pendants : Of late resin jewelry has become quite popular with people. If you're looking for something that is both casual and dressy, you can always go for a beautiful resin necklace. However, if you're dressing up for an important dinner, you can opt for a small stone pendant to go with your dress. It's a beautiful additional to your attire and only enhances your neckline. All in all, the point is to make best use of whatever accessory you find fit for yourself. Not everyone is a headband or an earring person. Our choices in jewelry and watches differ from one person to another. However, if you wish to level up your clothing get online on eBay or sites like eBay and grab the best fit for yourself. However, always remember that confidence matters the most.